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WHAT: “Anna Lucasta.” A play. WHO: Written by Philip Yordan. Directed and produced by Ben Guillory. Presented by Robey Theatre Company in association with Latino Theater Company. WHERE: Los Angeles Theatre Center, Theatre 4, 514 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013. WHEN: Previews November 8 and 9. Opens Saturday, November 10- December 9, 2012. Thurs.-Sat. at 8:00, Sun. at 3:00. ADMISSION: General Admission $30. except opening night performance & reception $50. Students, seniors, and veterans, $20. A limited number of $10 tickets will be available for Thursday performances. Special: On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, a dinner-and-show option is available- a $50 ticket includes dinner at Portofino Restaurant (5th & Main Sts.) and the performance. RESERVATIONS: Call toll-free, (866) 811-4111. ONLINE TICKETING: ESTIMATED RUNNING TIME: 2 hours 15 minutes plus intermission. No late seating. CONSUMER ADVISORY: Suggested for audiences age 14 to adult. Mature themes.
Anna Lucasta has left her Pennsylvania home to become a streetwalker in Brooklyn. Initially rejected by her father for her sinful life style, she is welcomed back into the bosom of her family as a plan is devised to match her up with Rudolf Slocum, the son of a family friend. But several of her family members have ulterior motives, namely to separate Rudolf, whom they perceive as a “hick,” from his bankroll. Only her mother, Theresa, and a sister-in-law, Katie, actually care what happens to Anna. Additionally, some of Anna’s former associates in Brooklyn want to continue exploiting her sexually. Rudolf immediately senses Anna’s innate goodness and, to everyone’s surprise, Anna and Rudolf instantly fall truly in love and plan to wed in short order. Surrounded by people who do not wish them well, can the true love of Anna and Rudolf possibly prevail? “Anna Lucasta” was originally written by Philip Yordan with a Polish family in mind. But it was an all-Black company that debuted it on Broadway in 1944, and it has been performed mostly by Black casts subsequently. Yordan, who died in 2003, was principally a screenwriter with 70 titles to his credit, including blockbusters like “King of Kings,” “El Cid,” and “Battle of the Bulge.” He won the Oscar ® for “Broken Lance,” and was nominated for “Dillinger” and “Detective Story.” Ben Guillory produces and directs the current production of “Anna Lucasta.” The Artistic Director of the Robey Theatre Company since its inception, he has been the recipient of numerous awards. He co-founded the company in 1994 with Danny Glover, and it soon became Los Angeles’ leading African-American theatre company. His cast for “Anna Lucasta” includes (in alphabetical order) Alvina Carroll, Robert Clements, Carl Crudup, Cydney Wayne Davis, Nick Gillie, Tanya Lane, Ashlee Olivia, Dwain Perry, Larry Powell, Jennifer Sammons, Kem Saunders, Talmadge Talib, and Sammie Wayne IV. “Anna Lucasta” has sin, sex, redemption, romance and true love, all themes that resonate with today’s audiences as much they did with the play’s original audiences seven decades ago.
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