Tiffany Coty

Position: Actress

Tiffany Coty, hails from Chicago, Illinois, has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild for sixteen years, and is a graduate of The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.      Tiffany’s major credits include her role as “Tara” alongside James Gandolfini in the 2010 Sundance film, nominated for Best Picture, “Welcome to the Riley’s,” as well as several Television co-starring roles . Major theater credits include her portrayal of Lena Horne in “The Magnificent Dunbar Hotel,” a premiered mainstage at the 2015 National Black Theater Festival.  Tiffany is thrilled to be a member of The Robey Theater Company and truly considers this “home.”


  • Minnie Lomax/Lena Horne,
    The Magnificent Dunbar
  • Essie Robeson,
    Paul Robeson in Berlin
    Play reading from:
    The Paul Robeson Theatre Festival 2014