Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission

Robey’s mission is to foster a community of artists whose purpose is to write, develop and produce plays about the global Black experience.

Our Vision

The Robey Theatre Company envisions a world where artistry encourages critical thinking and challenges each of us to see the humanity in ourselves and in others.

 Our Values

In order to achieve our mission, Robey has adopted the following core values as operating principles:

  • Community Engagement – We build community through respect, honesty and trust, ensuring connection and accessibility for all.
  • Social Relevance – We reflect social issues through creative and fearless storytelling to increase cultural empathy
  • Excellence – We choose important stories to tell, and with great attention to our theatrical artistry, create memorable experiences for our artists and our audience.
  • Integrity – We sustain the highest level of integrity as individuals, as artists and as an organization.
  • Inclusion – We commit to fair and ongoing practices that enhance our relationships to theater makers, audiences, and society, finding strength in our diversity, and lowering barriers to participation in the field.
  • Professionalism – We dedicate our best selves to both training and practice, holding ourselves accountable for a safe, sound and a respectful workplace.
  • Artistry – We nurture imagination and court inspiration through mastery of skills and techniques.
  • Collaboration – We take pride in the contributions and accomplishments of the individual and of the team
  • Entertainment – We believe that the presentation of such stories and characters is a noble and worthy endeavor all its own.
  • Sustainability – We ensure organizational stability through long-range planning, assessment and retention of quality, professional staff and fiscal responsibility.

2017 to 2022 Strategic Goals

  1. Raise at least 50% or $100,000 of the 2019 projected annual budget through Individual, Business and Corporate Contributions
  2. Strengthen the organizations infrastructure to support and sustain the organization, long-term
  3. Grow the organization’s brand and profile to expand its audience and reach through strategic marketing and communications planning
  4. Establish a facility to house the Robey Theatre Company offices and theatrical productions, by 2021