Passion to Pursue Even Greater Possibilities

by Ty Jefferson

Passion to Pursue Even Greater PossibilitiesI was referred to The Robey Theater Company’s Advance Scene Workshop by a close actor friend who had taken Mr. Ben Guillory’s class and had nothing but positive things to say. This made me inquisitive. I decided to take a chance, invest in myself and embark on this new journey.  I’m so glad I did and I say this with a warm smile.

When I first interviewed with Mr. Guillory, I quickly knew he was the real deal. Robey’s Advance Scene Workshop is an unbiased and unwavering class where you will learn techniques that will help your God-given talent. It will break you out of your comfort-nest and expose you leaving you open and vulnerable; which is right where you need to be so your character moves through you and transforms you, the actor.

The class size is structured in a small intimate setting which permits our instructor/mentor, Mr. Guillory, to be hands on with his students. To me, it’s a safe haven where brilliant things happen and the next level of artistry is uncovered.

Now this is not an easy run of the mill class. No! Remember this is ADVANCE SCENE WORKSHOP which means you’ve had training before you enter this class and you are now looking to go to the next level by doing the work.

In this class some of the primary things you will work on are your weaknesses, connecting and going through your partner, listening. You will also go in depth with the basics, the who, what, when, where, whygiven circumstancesyour objective, and sensorial work (using your surroundings and the physical elements). We are taught to develop great study habits such as practicing different words and phrases, dictation, reading out loud, rehearsing, and allowing yourself time to dig deep and research your character. This gives you the fortitude you need to be prepared for your scene and your fellow actors in the scene.

Passion to Pursue Even Greater PossibilitiesDuring the “in class” performance, Mr. Guillory guides and compels you to make adjustments to the character choices made, introspectively. You are given a second chance to re-work your scene using new information you’ve uncovered coupled with instinct.

The Advance Scene Workshop encourages your personal panache, but also honors the playwrights work. I can tell you for me, it’s a joy to observe scenes from my fellow actors, I learn from them. Your growth as an actor will be amplified.  These are not just words I speak, but truly what I have experienced. It has personally profited me and given me passion to pursue even greater possibilities. So, if you are looking for a challenge and want to unlock the key to your greatness as an actor, The Robey Theatre Company’s Advance Scene Workshop is the class for you.