Robey Opens Transitions at LATC

Robey Opens Transitions at LATC by LA Stage Alliance

A Stage Alliance: June 21, 2010

The word “transitions” has multiple meanings. In its most common usage, it indicates shifts from one state of being to another. In more recent American vernacular usage, it is employed by a wide range of people, from New Agers to insurance salesmen, as a euphemism for “death.”

Transitions, the new themed show written by Kellie Roberts, deals with the word in both of these applications. Characters are ordinary people struggling with a call from God in their lives, which is insisting that they move forward, or else.

Dwain A. Perry is director of Transitions. His previous directing credits for Robey include Permanent Collection and The River Niger. He recently starred in The Emperor’s Last Performance.

The cast of Transitions includes Amentha Dymally, Rosie Lee Hooks, Joyce Lee, Kenyetta Lethridge, Kellie Roberts and Lamont Thompson. Earl Buffington and Cydney Davis are heard in voice-over.