Dramastage-Qumran Presents ‘The 101 Club’ at the Ford Theatre

In Celebration of Juneteenth

The 101 Club

Written by: Judith Bowman and Melvin Ishmael Johnson

Directed by: Melvin Ishmael Johnson

Thursday, June 19, 2015 7pm – 10pm


Successful political negotiations between FDR and Black leaders led to the formation of the 477th Bombardment Group in 1944. The Army Air Corps did everything in its power to make life for the Black officers a living hell. Rather than salute and take the derogatory treatment, this group of Tuskegee–trained pilots ready for duty in the Pacific planned a mutiny signaling their refusal to continue accepting the “separate but equal” doctrine. Their war began and ended at Freeman Field in Seymour, Indiana. This account retells that story.

The 101 Club recalls the Freeman Field Mutiny, a series of incidents in 1945 at Freeman Army Airfield, a US Army Air Forces base near Seymour, Indiana, in which African American members of the 477th Bombardment Group attempted to exercise their rights as Officers to use the Base Officers’ Club. The “mutiny” is generally regarded by historians of the Civil Rights Movement as an important step toward full integration of the armed forces and as a model for later efforts to integrate all public facilities through peaceful non-violent civil disobedience.

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The Play: The 101 Club refers to the number of Black Tuskegee Airmen placed under house arrest after refusing to agree to be treated in a “separate but equal” manner on base in Seymour, Indiana (April 1945).

About the Park: “Find Your Space at The Ford” is a new opportunity allowing creative projects to use the Ford Theatres’ public spaces this Summer. Art makers and enthusiasts of all levels were invited to bring their handcrafts, folk traditions, fine art, music, dance and theatre pieces under development onto the Ford Theatres’ entrance way and plaza throughout the summer season.

Dramastage-Qumran Presents 'The 101 Club' at the Ford TheatreFord Theatre – Edison Plaza
2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East
Los Angeles, CA 90068

This outdoor event is wheelchair accessible and disability affirmative. Bring your own food and beverages.

Light refreshments will be available.

Vending opportunities exist for crafts, wearable art.

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