We’re Seeking an Archival Project Intern

robeyPhoto5The Robey Archival Project Intern will serve as an integral member of the 2014 Archival Project team. The Intern will help staff prepare to establish a functional archival project. Guided by principles established by the American Theatre Archive Project (ATAP), the Intern will contribute to documenting and preserving the theatrical legacy of one of Los Angeles’ ethnically-specific culture bearers, the Robey Theatre Company, celebrating twenty years of exploring and sharing work for the stage from a Black perspective.

The internship will consist of assisting the theater company’s co-founder and current producing artistic director in preparing to host an ATAP archivist consultant who will provide Orientation; hands-on assessment; suggested tools for preserving paper items; and help in preparing and sharing Finding Aids for the non-ethereal aspects of the theatre production company (scripts; office documents; correspondence; awards; financial records; program information –Playwrights Lab; Advanced Scene & Vets Tech Theatre; and other theatre ephemera).





The Robey Archival Project Intern should possess the following skills and personal qualities:

  • Able and willing to assume responsibility for his/her assigned tasks
  • Able to control personal emotional equilibrium in stressful environment
  • Good listener
  • Observant
  • Attention to details
  • Problem solver
  • Considerate
  • Sense of humor
  • Passion for the arts/theatre/ethnic-specific cultural heritage & aesthetic
  • Organized; detail-orientated; efficient
  • Able to prioritize tasks
  • Punctual & dependable
  • Proficient in word processing skills required to operate a small business including Word; Excel; Power point; Outlook; QuickBooks; Adobe applications
  • Be flexible in fulfilling 40-hour work week and
  • Be able to travel to and from Downtown work location safely on evenings and week-ends during rehearsals and performances

To apply, please email Resume and Cover Letter to Judith Bowman at gotorobey@gmail.com. Theatrical experience or interest desired.

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